Frequently Asked Questions

How does MBM consider what to tour?

Proposals come from member venues in MBM, sometimes from artists and their representatives or from other producers/promoters. Partner venues look at the artistic, audience and financial merits of proposals at quarterly MBM meetings. They will either give a commitment to a project proposal, express an interest but seek more development/information or turn a proposal down if it is not right for them.

How many tours does MBM produce?

No fixed number – we do what we can when we can.

How do I make a proposal for an MBM tour?

Check the criteria in the next FAQ and if you feel your idea could be appropriate please propose a project via enquiries. We’d love to hear from you.  MBM’s General Manager will respond and, where appropriate, work with you to develop the proposal to go to the next quarterly meeting.

What criteria do you assess project ideas by?

There are many different things to consider and in the end artistically things boil down to the opinion and judgment of the collective of partner venues. However, there are some key things we consider:


  • Is the idea innovative?
  • Will it be extremely high quality?
  • In what way is the project distinctive?
  • Who’s involved?
  • Could this be realised without MBM intervention?


  • Is the profile of the artists sufficient or potentially sufficient in the UK for larger scale space?
  • Is the proposition clear?
  • Is there a strong idea of who the market for the project is?
  • Is there any product release to support building profile?
  • Will it be an amazing experience?


  • How much does the artist need to be paid?
  • What will the whole thing cost?
  • Do we need to find additional investment and will we be likely to secure it?


  • What are the likely production requirements?

Why are those venues MBM partners?

Because they are :

  • Committed to the collaborative ethos of MBM, contributing time and expertise.
  • Passionate about enabling regional audiences to experience and explore distinctively different music.
  • Larger scale, affording distinctively different projects mainstream treatment.
  • Prepared to invest significantly in projects.
  • Geographically distributed regionally in the UK.

Can my venue become a member of MBM?

If you run a larger scale UK regional music based space and recognise yourself as a like minded venue please make an enquiry.